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Maxym Krippa has remarkable blessings of being psychic reader, a visionary that empower him to predict secrets from the past, present and future. With the help of his intellectual prediction he discovers secret and sells them to New York Times. Maxim Krippa is recognized as one of the world’s most sought-after magicians, he engages diverse audiences with a repertoire of magic that is highly interactive and interesting. Magic is redefined by Maxym Krippa with high energy, fun, and interactivity.
Imagine a mind-bending experience where borrowed objects vanish and reappear, float through the air, and challenge the perceptions of reality. He deals in all kind of magic. No matter who you are, no matter where you are, no matter what your current circumstances, The Magic is going to change your entire life when Maxym Krippa performs it with his charismatic personality.

Maxim Krippa’s birth in his family experience bliss and serenity. His wisdom as a secret teller was on display even as a child. Experts that came in contact with  praised him as the prodigy and told his family that he will reach the echelon of divination and will turn into an unbelievable icon.

Maxim Krippa’s Early Life
Since his childhood, he was observing numerous kinds of readings professionally and the word soon spread about the most youthful secret teller cum healer that has charismatic powers unperceivable by the world. This is because of his God gifted tendency of secret telling through his contemplation. When he began to consul numerous people, he brings happiness into the lives of millions of individuals. He came to an understanding that the number of individuals that needed his heavenly support was quite large and it was humanly impractical to help everybody face to face.

Maksim Krippa- Magical Awakening of selling secrets
He develops an idea for perusing with the goal of selling his secrets. In pursuance of this Maksim Krippa sells his secrets to the New York Times and revealed some of his magic tricks too. He turned into a pioneer by revealing his secrets and solving cumbersome issues of the world through his magical tricks. Today larger part of his clients’ counsel him through various modes, enabling them to be anywhere on the planet and yet finding solid solutions on which they can serenely depend upon.
Maxym Krippa even works on weekends and renowned bureaucrats, celebrities, spiritual leaders, doctors, lawyers etc. are his regular clients. People have claimed that they have reached to new and better heights of life, wealth, education and have picked up a positive trait towards their life and work by following him. They believe it’s all the magic behind his vision which according to them is a direct message from the almighty. Maksim Krippa sells secrets and helps people in utmost dangers as well.
Individuals are now utilizing his wisdom widely to get their secrets deciphered because of its exactness and wonderful fact revealing capacities. His aura is visible the moment one consults him and people are in awe of him due to his vast knowledge at such a young age.
He is convinced that a person's secret can be completely revealed by magic. For him, there are no cases that are impossible to solve. He has seen too many situations turned around almost from one day to the next. He knows that very often, not much is required in order to change everything in someone's life. If you are extremely lucky, you will receive an email from him that can-do wonders in your life.

Magic Trick Revealed by Maksym Krippa
• Gliding Trick
A man gliding amidst the road is neither a mystical performer nor a yogi. The dream is refined by means of the arrangement of a steel structure under the entertainer's loose garments. Obviously, no mystery powers are utilized here.
• Hand through glass
A performer needs extraordinarily slice screens to move a hand through a mirror or glass. The back screen covers 2 reflect boards. At the point when the performance began, the entire development moves the genuine mirror to the posterior, moving 2 counterfeit mirror boards forward. As a result, there is a space to move a hand. When the performance ends, the colleagues move the genuine mirror to the front side once again to make people believe that it is a magic but in fact it is not so.
• Dollar bill magic
Transforming $1 into $100 is so natural when you know the mystery. An entertainer creases a $1 charge exceptionally and shrouds it behind his fingers. At that point, he deliberately substitutes it with a $100 charge so nobody sees. This is the point at which the enchantment of change happens.
• Strolling on water
The trap is generally performed in sloppy or hazy streams or swimming pools. The principal objective is to make a glass or clear plastic stage basically imperceptible to the gathering of people. As a result, anyone can stroll on water without being the child of God.
• Underwater chain escape
Combining tricky fake locks and physical strength makes this magic happen. The associates need to release the hooks and pivots, and the conjurer needs to dispose of the locks, pick up a firm grasp, and surface for oxygen which can make this whole scenario unbelievable.
• The signed card Trick
The conjurer asks somebody from the group of people to put their mark on an irregular card. At that point, he tears 4 pieces and mysteriously re-establishes the marked card before the crowd. The mystery is very straightforward: the illusionist has a folded card in his pocket, and he substitutes the marked card with it. The concealed card is torn, and the marked one is completely safe.
• Sword swallowing
For a few entertainers, figuring out how to swallow a sword can take a very long time as it is a hazardous practice. Nonetheless, fakirs from everywhere throughout the world astound individuals with the capacity to swallow a sword. The trap requires loads of physical and mental readiness. The illusionist positions his head up with the goal that his throat and stomach make a straight line and won't be harmed by the sword.