Iceland To Boycott World Cup

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Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop says the government will not join the countries which are diplomatically boycotting the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russian Federation.

To date the actions taken by the United Kingdom and its allies have been largely confined to expulsions of diplomats, with over 100 Russian officials expelled over the last few days - mainly from the US and European countries.

"Among the measures taken by Iceland is the temporary postponement of all high-level bilateral dialogue with Russian authorities", the statement said.

"Icelandic officials will not go to the FIFA World Cup in Russian Federation this summer", read a statement from the Scandinavian country's foreign ministry.

Government leaders from Iceland are joining British officials in staying home from the World Cup this summer in Russian Federation.

Britain earlier stated that the royal family and government ministers would boycott the World Cup over allegations of a Russian trace in the Skripal case. "That is not the plan".

"Russia is threatening the democratic world right around the world".

Shortly after revealing that two undeclared Russian spies posing as diplomats would be ejected from Australia over the poisoning attack, Bishop said during a joint press conference with Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull that "a whole range of options of further actions" remained on the table.

A few hours later, Ms Bishop tweeted: "That is wrong - the government is not considering a boycott of the World Cup".

The 2018 FIFA World Cup kicks off in 79 days with the opening match in the Russian capital of Moscow.

"Hence, country's representatives will not visit the World Cup this summer". "If we won it we would be demonstrating that we have got the best football team in the world and it should be about that".