Trump claims memo "totally vindicates 'Trump'" in Russia probe

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Speaking on the CBS programme Face the Nation, Gowdy said he believed the Republican memo showed sloppiness by investigators in the handling of an application to the top secret Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act court.

Trump tweeted Sunday that the memo "totally vindicates" him but that "the Russian Witch Hunt goes on and on".

Escobar's family settled in the 2001 with temporary protected status, which was granted to Salvadorans who were victims of earthquakes that year. Donald Trump apparently wants to learn this lesson the hard way.

"This is as rich constitutionally as it is politically". "And that's not a fact".

A closer read presents a far more nuanced picture.

Trump, who lashed out at the FBI and Justice Department Friday morning, refused to express confidence in Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, who appointed Mueller and is mentioned by name in the memo. "So I'm sure that that instructs some of what he said".

Nine states are considering implementing their own individual mandate requiring residents to purchase health insurance, The Wall Street Journal reported Saturday. The memo says the FBI cut ties with Steele, a longtime source, for an improper disclosure to the media about his relationship with the bureau. It's not clear why that matters or what it has to do with the special counsel's investigation.

Page came to the FBI's attention as early as 2013, when he met in New York with Russians who were officers of the Kremlin's foreign intelligence service, sources have said.

The memo further claims that Steele was being paid $160,000 by the Democratic National Committee and the Hillary Clinton campaign.

On Sunday, Republicans as well as Democrats said Trump was wrong to assert that the GOP-produced memo cleared him in the Russia investigation. One said the meeting would take place at 5pm (local time) and that there would be a vote. In fact, the administration, that is, the FBI, "had separately authorized payment to Steele for the same information", according to the memo. Responding on Twitter to the memo for the first time since its release Friday, Mr. Trump said "their was no Collusion and there was no Obstruction", repeating his line that the memo and its surrounding circumstances are an "American disgrace!"

Regardless of what was in the Yahoo article Justice Department policy would have required that officials verify the claims before including the information in a FISA warrant request. "But I've been a pretty lousy politician", he said.

In terms of consequences of that memo, Rep. Gowdy said the "Nunes Memo" really has no impact on the Russian investigation, saying that the probe would have occurred regardless of the dossier. "I would certainly support that release because then the American people would see how comprehensive the FISA package is".

Former White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci told ABC's George Stephanopoulos that he would urge Trump not to fire Rosenstein. It stated her daughter was born Thursday afternoon and weighed eight pounds and nine ounces.

Lawmakers also said the memo should not impede Mueller. There's no proof that Steele was the person who spoke to Yahoo, but it is likely given his discussion with other outlets.

The House intelligence committee voted unanimously Monday night to release a Democratic rebuttal to the GOP's memo on the Russia investigation that President Donald Trump declassified last week.

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